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Transforming Lives Through Christ

We believe that God has created every woman with unique gifts to accomplish His purpose in the earth. Our women’s ministry seeks to connect women with that purpose by cultivating healthy relationships. Through offering weekly bible studies, opportunities to serve, mentoring groups, social gatherings and activities designed for women, Northshore Bible Church is a place you can call home.

Meals Ministry

The meals ministry exists to offer meal support to families with a new baby, meals following a funeral or someone with a severe illness. Providing a meal can be in the form of something home cooked or store bought. With that in mind, we’re asking everyone for a minimum commitment of ONE MEAL PER YEAR. That’s it! If you can do more we encourage it, and we greatly appreciate everyone who supports this vital ministry. The ministry is open to other family members who might like to cook or provide a meal.

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Women's Ministry Events

Morning Bible Study - January 15 through May 7


Proverbs by Navigators - A God-Shaped Life
Tuesday mornings at 9am beginning January 15 through May 7th
(break for Mardi Gras March 5th and Easter April 23rd) Childcare available.
See what a God-shaped life looks like when it gets lived out. Using memorable images and poetic turns of phrase, Proverbs describes what our everyday lives look like when we’ve put our spiritual lives in order. Find help for every decision, and apply life-giving insights to the broad range of challenges you experience in your life—family, friendships, injustice, desire, goodness, conflict, and more. 15 weeks in total led by Donna Blackwell.

Book order deadline: December 30. Participant is responsible to purchase her own book after deadline is reached.


Evening Bible Study - January 15 through February 19


Abigail: Living with the Difficult People in Your Life
Tuesday evenings at 7pm beginning January 15th through February 19th

We all have difficult people in our lives—whether it’s in the home, workplace, church, neighborhood, or somewhere else. The question is, how do you live with these kinds of people and respond to them with godly wisdom?

First Samuel 25 tells an amazing story of an extraordinary woman who did just that. She’s not as well-known as some of the other women in the Bible like Mary of Nazareth or Deborah or Sarah. But this woman, Abigail, has so much to teach us through the example of her life.

Through this six-week study, based on the teachings of Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, you’ll dive deep into the tough topics and Christ-centered truths throughout Abigail’s story—and learn how to respond to difficult people in a discerning, godly way. 6 weeks total in total led by Gail Soong.

Book order deadline: December 30. Participant is responsible to purchase her own book after deadline is reached.